Scott is always keen to communicate science to the willing (and not-so-willing) public, 

through popular science writing, radio and film. 

Please do not hesitate to get in touch! 

You can read about some of the latest exploits below. 

Gravitational Waves (for ages 8-12), 2020

"Science on Sundays" online workshop on Gravitation Waves with Nisaba!  

Thanks to the 100+ pupils (and parents!) who came along and asked really great questions! 

Festival of Physics, Edinburgh, 2018

Come see Scott live at Edinburgh's Dynamic Earth on 27 and 28th October,

Talking about Time

as well as a host of other fabulous communicators and entertainers at the Festival of Physics!

FameLab, London, 2018

Scott recently appeared on stage at the IMAX in London's Science Museum on 25th April, in the Famelab UK Final.

For more information about FameLab (and to apply to take part!), please see the Cheltenham Festival website.

I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here, Online, 2017

Scott will be joining four other physicists from across the UK for the much-awaited November edition of I'm a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here! He will be living in the Gravity Zone - come online, ask some questions!

The competition is an opportunity for high school students to interact with professional scientists, to learn a bit about science, and (perhaps more importantly) how one goes about finding a career in the sciences. 

The competition may be over now, but fear not! 

Scott will still exist in the Careers Zone to field any questions from students about careers in STEM subjects.

You can also relive the heady excitement at the Gravity Zone Summary

His most recent blog posts have covered positivity bounds and black hole hair.