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23 October, 2016

posted 22 Oct 2016, 02:17 by Scott Melville   [ updated 21 Nov 2016, 03:39 ]
Gravitons that shake hands
(9 pages)

If parity violation occurs in a theory of gravity, then one expects correlations between left and right handed gravitons. This paper describes a formalism for describing such correlations, and applies it to cases where gravitons are produced in the same direction with correlated handedness, or in opposite directions with correlated handedness. Possible resulting imprints on the CMB are discussed.


There are many theories of gravity beyond GR which introduce some degree of parity violation. Having a clear formalism which can translate this into observable correlations between different graviton handedness (through, for example, effects on the CMB) is therefore very useful in testing and constraining these theories.