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18 June, 2017

posted 14 Sept 2017, 07:24 by Scott Melville   [ updated 14 Sept 2017, 07:25 ]
Simplifying the EFT of Inflation: Generalized Disformal Transformations and Redundant Couplings
(21 pages)

By performing disformal transformation, which do not affect the late-time cosmological observables, it is shown that 6 of the 17 LO free functions in the EFT of Inflation are redundant. AT NLO, a further 6 transformations can be used to remove higher-derivative terms.


This has interesting implications for the correlations functions---for example, the tensor-tensor-tensor correlation is not modified at LO. These kinds of disformal field redefinitions will be useful for future EFT model-building, removing redundant operators from the Lagrangian.