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04 December, 2016

posted 4 Dec 2016, 01:40 by Scott Melville   [ updated 18 Dec 2016, 02:17 ]
arXiv:1612.00543 (RE:1603.06039 )
Vaidya solution and its generalization in de Rham-Gabadadze-Tolley massive gravity
(9 pages)

A hedgehog ansatz for the Stuckelberg fields is used to find three kinds of generalized Vaidya solutions in dRGT massive gravity. This extends the list of candidate black hole solutions from the seven (static) solutions previously found by a similar method.


The static, spherically symmetric Schwarzschild solution in GR is consistent with many solar system tests. A natural question is whether similar solutions exist in dRGT, and this has been discussed at length elsewhere. If the ansatze given here do possess a spherically symmetric, non-singular horizon, then they may be of phenomenological interest. The authors argue that in unitarity gauge these solutions 'do not exist', because there is a singularity in their invariant combination of Stuckelberg fields. Perhaps it is only that these solutions are not manifest using a straightforward ansatz - how one introduces Stuckelberg fields is, at this level, just an arbitrary repackaging of degrees of freedom, and should not affect which solutions are possible.